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User-Friendly Setup

10x Faster systems

Installation in minutes

Dedicated support 24/7

Pay Less,Save More

Compare and Save up to 30%

Affordable Pricing, Lifetime satisfaction

Secure connection with 99.99% uptime


Incomparable adaptive features

Flexibility at best for new users & devices

Simple steps for configuration & expansion

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Our Products

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SIP Trunk

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol whereas trunking is a data communications’ technique used as a transmission system to provide multiple users with access to the network. 

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With the rapid increase in the affiliation of cloud applications, it is indeed vital to connect business with high-speed internet. 

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Fiber Ethernet

With the increase in supply-demand for cloud services, there’s also a spontaneous hike for the internet connection which has become an essential requirement of every business today. 

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Cloud Phone Backup

Also known as ‘Remote Backup Service’ – Cloud Backup Services allow organizations to save, store their files and data on the internet utilizing a cloud-based storage service provider. 

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Orion Hosted Telephony

Orion comprises of hosted communications services that primarily focuses on wide range f fixed and mobile hosted phone services (telephony) via a secure web portal.