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What is Cloud Backup?

Also known as ‘Remote Backup Service’ – Cloud Backup Services allow organizations to save, store their files and data on the internet utilizing a cloud-based storage service provider. It means that rather just storing data in physical disks (tape backup or hard drive), data will be stored online with a complete system of access and backup. Businesses today use cloud backup-as-a-service to ensure data security. It also helps enterprises in the eradication of risks and data invasion.

State-the-art Solution for Companies

Securing data is the top-most priority of almost every company in the UK. With the regular backup of your company’s data, you will be able to monitor statistics and avoid critical failures. Increase your company’s productivity by virtually connecting it with up-to-date cloud backup systems. Cloud Backup is, so far, the most reliable technological approach for businesses to protect data.

Let us protect your data

Comms Source offers exemplary Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution that ensures to create an automated backup of every data stored on obtained servers. For further satisfaction, our advanced backup servers are installed within the highly resilient storage facility that is Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is one of the biggest cloud infrastructures in the UK that not only ensures maximum data security but also promotes business through cloud portals.

With user-friendly guidelines, you can easily manage your data via a secure online portal after successful user configuration of the servers you want to utilise for cloud backup. Save data in a modified AWS cloud-based environment and get exclusive restoring functions such as compression, encryption, and block-level de-duplication.

We have designed a responsive and affable online portal that allows users to feasibly manage saved files, create folders/sub-folders parallel with a monitoring storage capacity of Cloud Backup. You can also set schedules for backup if there is a time constraint of data security. Data restoration is performed on various timelines such as 24-hour of data set for 7 days, 1 week of data set for 4 weeks and 1 month of data set for 11 months.

Benefits of Cloud Backup


Worried about changing the hard drive for backups? Not anymore. Cloud Backup from Comms Source provides top-notch Cloud automated service that stores your data automatically with paramount safety measures. Our smart Cloud Backup servers ensure files are stored when needed the most because an unforeseen downtime may derail your company’s progress – Comms Source will not let that happen!


Secure your company’s pivotal data with Comms Source Cloud-Backup servers operational 24/7 with zero downtime. State-of-the-art backup services needn’t be costly, which is why we have introduced low-priced Cloud storage offers that not only meets your backup requirements but also ensures the flexibility in the capital cost of your company. Simply pay for the required services and never be late to safeguard with dedicated backup solutions.


Regardless of what is going on in the office, your data will remain safe in Comms Source Cloud Backup servers. If God forbid, a disaster occurs that destroys computers and onsite hardware, then you can be assured that no data will be lost. Access your data whenever you want from wherever you want without indulging company into complex procedures. Cloud Backup from Comms Source does not need hardware requirement for restoration but works independently-well.


Amongst the biggest challenges of Cloud solutions, estimation of data requirement for company tops the chart. Our pioneering Comms Source Cloud Backup servers provide accurate estimations followed by storage capacity and capital expenditures. We will further adapt incremental changes to improve your company’s profitability by allocating sufficient storage capacity during de-duplication and compression.